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Larry Hughes, M.D.’s Medical Clinic offers comprehensive Family Medicine services in Hemet, CA. Our patient-first approach ensures quality care and clinical excellence, focusing on preventive health for whole family wellness. We pride ourselves on our compassionate and trustworthy medical service, using collaborative strategies for optimal health outcomes. Visit us for your family’s medical needs.

Patient Reviews for Larry Hughes, M.D.

Dr. Larry Hughes is Hemet's family medicine maestro. His comprehensive care and dedication to family health are unparalleled. A trusted healthcare partner for holistic wellness.
Trudi K.
Family medicine brilliance in Hemet! Dr. Hughes's attentive care and wellness expertise set him apart. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a trusted healthcare partner.
Christopher Q.
Dr. Larry Hughes is Hemet's wellness advocate in family medicine. His comprehensive services and compassionate approach make him the preferred choice for family health.
Jerry D.
Dr. Hughes's family medicine practice in Hemet is exceptional. His attentiveness and commitment to family wellness redefine the healthcare experience. A trusted advocate for family health.
Dallas E.

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Trustworthy Family Medicine at Larry Hughes, M.D.’s Medical Clinic in Hemet, CA

You’re in safe hands with Larry Hughes, M.D.’s Medical Clinic. We know that trust is a core element when it comes to healthcare. That’s why we’ve built our medical practice around this principle. Our clinic, located in the heart of Hemet, CA, consistently delivers compassionate and trustworthy medical services tailored to your family’s needs.

You’ll appreciate our team’s dedication to providing top-notch family medicine. Dr. Hughes and his team are committed to keeping your family healthy while ensuring you feel respected and understood. We’re not just about treating symptoms but about building long-term relationships founded on trust and mutual respect. You’re not just a patient with us – you’re part of our healthcare family.

In summary, choosing Larry Hughes, M.D. for your Family Medicine needs means you can expect:

  • Delivering clinical excellence in Hemet
  • Patient-first approach for quality care
  • Comprehensive family wellness strategies
  • Trustworthy and compassionate medical service
  • Ensuring preventive health for families

Why Us?

Why should you choose Larry Hughes, M.D.’s Medical Clinic for your family’s medical needs? It’s simple: We put you first. At our clinic, we believe in delivering clinical excellence right here in Hemet, CA. We’re dedicated to a patient-first approach that ensures quality care for every family member. We provide preventive health services to promote overall wellness and use collaborative strategies for comprehensive care. You can trust us to provide compassionate and reliable medical services catering to your needs. So, don’t settle for less when it comes to your family’s health; choose Larry Hughes, M.D.’s Medical Clinic for the compassionate, trustworthy, and comprehensive care you deserve.


Highly-qualified professionals offering exceptional personalized healthcare and comprehensive medical services


We use cutting-edge technology to deliver the best possible healthcare and comprehensive medical services


Tailored healthcare with a patient-centered approach, prioritizing your unique needs for personalized, comprehensive medical attention.


Your satisfaction is our priority. Expect top-notch, personalized care from our committed primary providers for guaranteed satisfaction.

Understanding Your Family's Healthcare Needs in the Context of Family Medicine

When it comes to your family’s health, you’re looking for a one-stop solution that caters to everyone’s needs. That’s where Family Medicine comes into play. It’s a holistic approach to healthcare that seeks to treat not just individual symptoms or diseases but your family. With an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion, you’re not just getting treatment; you’re also getting the tools and knowledge to keep your loved ones healthy.

Family Medicine covers all ages, genders, organ systems, and every disease entity. You can think of it as your medical home base. If your daughter has asthma, your spouse requires diabetes management, or you need regular check-ups to manage blood pressure – everything falls within the purview of Family Medicine. This broad range of services ensures you don’t have to bounce from specialist to specialist for different family members’ health issues.

Here are some key aspects of Family Medicine that make it uniquely suited to handle your family’s healthcare needs:

  • Comprehensive care: Whether routine check-ups or chronic disease management, your family medicine doctor can provide a wide range of services.
  • Preventive focus: Prevention is better than cure. A family medicine doctor emphasizes preventive care through regular screenings and vaccinations.
  • Long-term relationship: Over time, your family medicine doctor gets to know you and your family better. This familiarity aids in more personalized and effective care.
  • Coordination of care: If a specialist’s input is required, your family medicine doctor will coordinate with them and manage your overall care.


With the help of a Family Medicine provider, you’ll be able to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system more efficiently. It provides a centralized point of contact for all healthcare needs—a boon in today’s fragmented healthcare landscape. By understanding and implementing the principles of Family Medicine, you’re not just reacting to health issues as they arise; you’re proactively ensuring your family’s long-term health and well-being.

Your health is our priority at Larry Hughes, M.D.’s Medical Clinic.

Don’t wait till it’s too late! Let’s start your journey to wellness.

Come in today for your comprehensive, compassionate, and trustworthy healthcare experience.

Why is Family Medicine Crucial to Your Health?

Family medicine is the cornerstone of a healthy life. It’s where you’ll receive preventative care, manage chronic illnesses, and get treatment for acute conditions. But why is it so crucial to your overall health and well-being?

Family doctors are trained to treat you as a whole person. They’re equipped to handle all aspects of your health, from physical to mental. They don’t just treat your symptoms; they look at your overall health and lifestyle to provide comprehensive care.

  • Family medicine can help detect diseases early on through regular check-ups.
  • They can manage existing conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, ensuring you’re staying healthy.
  • Finally, they can advise on lifestyle changes or medications to improve overall health.


You’re proactively taking steps towards a healthier life by seeing a family doctor regularly. They’ll know your health history inside and out, which means they’re better equipped to detect any changes in your health. Their ability to coordinate with other specialists also ensures you get the most comprehensive care possible. You’ll feel more at ease knowing you have a healthcare professional who knows you and cares about your well-being.

Patient Testimonials

At Dr. Hughes’s medical office, we take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our clients. We invite you to read what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences working with us.

Dr. Hughes’s dedication to patient well-being is evident in his personalized care and attentive listening. His ability to explain medical matters in simple terms ensures I’m well-informed.

– Staci Stokes

Hemet, CA


Dr. Hughes’s patient-centered approach creates a welcoming environment during appointments. His commitment to addressing all aspects of my health journey is truly remarkable.

– Evangelina Holland

Temecula, CA


I trust Larry’s expertise completely. His comprehensive care and genuine concern for my well-being make him an excellent primary care provider.

– Rudolf Caldwell

Murrieta, CA

Why is 'Family Medicine' the Perfect Fit for Your Healthcare Needs?

Are you searching for comprehensive medical care that caters to the health needs of every member of your family? Do you value building long-term relationships with your healthcare providers? If so, our Family Medicine services at Larry Hughes, M.D.’s Medical Clinic is what you’re looking for.

Our Family Medicine services are designed to provide continuous and comprehensive healthcare for individuals and families of all ages. This means we’ve got everyone covered – from your little ones who might need pediatric care, teenagers requiring adolescent medicine, adults needing preventive care, and elders necessitating geriatric care. Our family doctors are trained in all areas of medicine, allowing them to diagnose and treat a broad range of health conditions. So, whether it’s a routine checkup or something more specific, you can rest assured knowing you’re in capable hands.

What makes our practice even more unique is our emphasis on building long-term relationships with our patients. By getting to know you and your family more deeply, we can provide better healthcare tailored to your needs. It’s not just about treating an illness or managing conditions – it’s about understanding your health history, lifestyle, and personal circumstances. We’re here to partner with you on your journey towards optimum health.

Your health is our priority at Larry Hughes, M.D.’s Medical Clinic.

Don’t wait till it’s too late! Let’s start your journey to wellness.

Come in today for your comprehensive, compassionate, and trustworthy healthcare experience.

How Can We Help?

At Larry Hughes, M.D.’s Medical Clinic, you’re not just another patient. We understand that your health needs are unique, so we specialize in Family Medicine. Our compassionate, trustworthy, and comprehensive approach means we’ll take the time to get to know you, listen to your concerns, and guide you through your health journey. Whether it’s routine check-ups, managing chronic conditions, or preventive care, we’ve got you covered. You can trust us to provide top-notch care for you and your loved ones in Hemet, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll receive a comprehensive range of services, including preventive health care, routine check-ups, health-risk assessments, immunization, and screening tests.

Absolutely, we’re committed to providing trustworthy and compassionate care. Our patient-first approach ensures we deliver clinical excellence for every member of your family.

We strongly believe preventive health is a key to family wellness. Through regular check-ups and health-risk assessments, we’ll help you understand and manage potential health risks before they become serious issues.

Our comprehensive care includes routine check-ups, disease management, and preventive health services. We utilize collaborative strategies to ensure quality care tailored to each individual’s needs.

Dr. Hughes is a highly qualified physician and a compassionate and trustworthy professional. His approach to medicine prioritizes your family’s wellness and he works collaboratively to provide the best care possible.